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Rebar Parallel Threaded Machine

Rebar Cold Forging Machine

Rebar Cold Forging Machine

A Rebar Cold Forging Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the construction industry for cold forging or forming of reinforcing bars (rebars). Cold forging is a process that involves shaping metal at room temperature or below its recrystallization point, resulting in enhanced material properties and improved mechanical performance. In the context of rebar cold forging machines, this technology is applied to shape the ends of reinforcing bars, creating various types of mechanical connections for construction purposes.

Rolled Parallel Threaded

Rolled Parallel Threaded (RPT) is a method and technology used in the construction industry for creating threaded connections on reinforcing bars (rebars). This process involves the precision rolling of threads onto the ends of rebars, providing a reliable and strong mechanical connection. RPT is commonly utilized with threaded rebar couplers, enhancing the efficiency and speed of construction projects.

Rolled Parallel Threaded

Rebar Cold Forging Machine​

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